A Great 2-0 Victory in Penafiel

With two goals, by Del Valle (84) and Hassan (94), Rio Ave Futebol Clube achieved a victory at FC Penafiel.

Pedro Martins cannot rely on Tiago Pinto in the game for this have presented fever on Sunday morning. As a precaution, the Medical Department gave indication of non-use of the athlete. Diego Lopes was not initial option after a turbulent week with tonsillitis. Ukra also began the game already in the bench, by physical management. Recall that Ukra, this season in all competitions is the player with the most minutes of activity.

The result turned out to bring justice to great  Rio Ave FC game. The goals didn’t come sooner for the provision of an inspired goalkeeper of Penafiel.

Del Valle had 5 opportunities and Haghighi always denied the goal. At the 84th minute Haghighi nothing can make before another individual action, on the left side of the attack of Rio Ave Futebol Clube, which ended with a cross shot into the goal. The second goal came on the fast transition with Hassan to score.

Before the end of the match, note for the injury of Lionn. The right side defender suffered a foot sprain and will be re-evaluated in the next 48 hours.