An early goodbie to Europe

After the draw in Prague, the European night again finished no one could win. The difference was in the goals. When not score in the first game and a draw at home to 1, Rio Ave FC ends his participation in the race too prematurely for what he wanted and deserved.

After a game start something anxious, everything became more complicated with the goal of Slavia. Worsened the scenario with the second yellow card shown Nadjack, a too strict decision of a referee that added too many mistakes and more damage to Rio Ave FC. Sums errors and hasty and dubious analysis that increased anxiety and nerves of those who wanted to win. Definitely, from the United Kingdom (Scotland), one would expect more quality and other posture.

Even with an element less, Rio Ave FC made a second great part, having reached the goal and forced the opponent to close the doors of their midfield and to spend as much on anti-minute game.

Unchanged the result until the end of the match, was the tie to 1 goal and farewell to the Europa League.

It is the character of those who believe in what he does and is sure that success is achieved with persistence.