Excellent attitude was not enough to get points from estádio da Luz

Pedro Martins asked a Rio Ave FC with its own identity and attitude to try to bring points from Estádio da Luz and the team match, but it was not enough.

Benfica scored at 4 minute, by Jonas, but  Rio Ave FC was not intimidating and fought for the result.

Bressan, in the first quarter of an hour (13 minutes), scored a beautiful goal. From this moment Rio Ave FC played eyes in the eyes with Benfica, at a pace almost mind-blowing.

Before the break, Heldon, injured and has to go out.

In the second half Benfica, after having gone to time off under a chorus of whistles from their supporters, entered putting all the press and trying to push Rio Ave FC to his midfield.

Our team endured up to 80 minutes, at which point the team physical indices sold out. Benfica took advantage and scored two more times (Jonas and Raul Jimenez) making the final score of 3-1.

Unfavorable, but the result doesn’t show the attitude of the team, a few days after playing 120 minutes in Setúbal, for Portugal Cup.

The team enters a holiday period, until December 26. In between, some of the players will train at the stadium these days.