Happy Birthday Vila do Conde

Vila do Conde celebrates today, 26 March, their 1062-year existence.

Since the first testimonies of the existence of our people that the reports are of a land of many natural resources, beauty and worthy people.

Before our Nationality, Vila do Conde  prospered, grew up and took an active part in the history of our country.

We help Portugal to show to the world and to discover new lands. Of our art and our men have emerged new horizons. We leave towards India fearless and driven by courage. The city grew and developed, always with this courageous stance of who makes the difficulties motivation to win. Vila do Conde has been land of notable names andworthy people.

This is the town that was the birthplace of our Rio Ave Futebol Clube. We are proud of our city and we all  do for the honour and proud each day of work and existence.

This is the town that, after more than a thousand years, continues to show its natural beauty, its cultural richness and the show itself to the world. In 2013 Vila do Conde came to discover some more and we, Rio Ave Futebol Clube, we are proud to have been responsible for this and we’ve been ambassadors through the Europa League.

This is our town, our land. We hope to be worthy of the city value and splendor and she continues to give us the affection and support, which makes us a bigger and better Club.

Congratulations Vila do Conde