Nadjack for 5 years

Eliseu Mendja Nadjack Soares Cassamá, or, to put it simply, NADJACK , signed a contract for 5 seasons with Rio Ave FC.

At the age of 22 years, the player, born in Bissau, reaches the level of the first Portuguese League, having started a career in the formation of  Ribeirão and Benfica. Then in Joane before emigrate to Spain, having played in Reus.

“We had a good team there (in Reus), but here is more demanding.”

Nadjack, name that chose to have on the jersey, takes the right side with Pedrinho, a baptism in the major League.

“There’s no rivalry. It’s always good to have this competitiveness for a place. Makes you stronger “.

Powerful, Techical player and with a margin of progression, Nadjack comes full of ambition and enthusiasm.

“Rio Ave FC formed many players in recent years. Players who are now featured in many teams “.