“Nothing’s going to bring us down”

“We were the team with more ball possession (56%) at the opponent home, the first to score, more attempts on target. We are prepared to go to the fight and goes to war. We seem to bother some people, but we’re not going to quit. ” Nothing’s going to make us stray from our purpose or minimize our effort and work. This was the message left by Pedro Martins, at the end of the match, after a negative and misleading of 3-1 result.

Rio Ave FC entered the game, in Guimarães, aware of the difficulties they would encounter. Aware that he would face an opponent that wanted to dominate the game. Patiently heard wait and exploit the weaknesses of the opponent. The goal came at the 19 minutes by Bressan. Shortly after has the opportunity to make the second goal on a play that led danger to Vitória SC area, with Marvin to fail.

At 34 minutes, almost following the opportunity wasted, Vitória SC comes to the draw. The referee was in the projection, the  Assistant too but… inexplicable how can not they see the attacker’s arm pushing the shoulder of Lionn, preventing him from jump and reach the ball. It was a fault. A clear one… but not for the refere.

In the second half, Marvin, has again the opportunity to score, failing only on the last touch. On the other hand, tVitória score on the 60 minute and then on 77 minutes. Through the middle we had two more chances that were denied by the intervention of the Victoria goalkeeper, best player in the pitch.

Before the end of the match, coach Pedro Martins would receive an expulsion order, for having kicked a ball, by frustration and indignation for the mistakes of others and the duality of evaluations, attitude resulting from displeasure to see hindered consecutively.

End result … 3-1 for Vitória SC …