The 77th Anniversary starts with glamorous night

Once again  Rio Ave FC met at the Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde to honor those who have excelled throughout the season.

A show to celebrate also the usual deliveries of gold badges to 50 years of supporters, as well as to pay tribute to Manuel Barbosa, current technical Secretary of Rio Ave FC and that, after nearly 50 years working,playing and living to Rio Ave FC, has announced that it will move to retirement.

This was the highlight of the night, with the delivery of the Career Award to Mr. Barbosa by President António Campos, with the main squad players up on stage to also pay a tribute to him.

Also on stage during the night, the player of the year was Wakaso, the junior of the , Jaime Pinto, the team of the year, the juniors squad, the coach of the year, Pedro Cunha (coach of Juniors), Futsal male to Female, Balão and Carina, employee of the Year, Pedro Festas (technical equipment) and the leader of the year, José António Pereira (Vice-President for Youth Academy and SDUQ Manager).

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