Ukra in the history of Rio Ave FC

Ukra entered the history of Rio Ave Futebol Clube, being the first player from the Club to be called and the first international cap for the Portugal national team.

Tiago Pinto was also called  but it turned out not to be used by Fernando Santos.

The history of Rio Ave Futebol Clube had already lived the proud to have several players of their international teams but it missed one that wore the national team jersey for the main team. Ukra has filled us with pride, as Tiago. He did not played but he showed that its value is also immense and that the work performed in the Club has given good fruits.

Also the formation of Rio Ave Futebol Clube has already a present very rich in players on youth portuguese national teams and not only. In the current squad there are also names like Hassan,  international by Egypt, Ederson under 21 Brazil teaml. This is another sign that the reality of Rio Ave Futebol Clube is increasingly growing and pride.

In recent seasons the Club managed to assert itself in the 1st League, reaching finals in all national cups, reach a group stage of the Europa League, having international players from other countries and now have players among the chosen in the national team. The example of Ukra and Tiago will be just the seed of a great future and the example for all athletes of this Club, since the yongest teams, that whoever works well achieves success.



ura e tiago