Futsal: Rio Ave FC miss assault to Play-Off places

At the start of this match, against FC Azeméis, Rio Ave FC could climb to the top eight in the standings. Unfortunately for the formation vilacondense the final result was not that was expected and Rio Ave FC ends up losing by 4-3.

For this match, Rio Ave FC was aligned with the following 5 starters: Bruno Santos, Lincon, Balão, Rúben Reis and Cristiano.

Rio Ave FC went badly in the game and in the second minute of the game, FC Azeméis takes the lead. With Rio Ave FC scrambling for a goal conceded, FC Azeméis scored again to extend their lead to two goals. This was a result of the break.

In the second half, Rio Ave FC does not come so well in the match and suffer the third of the game. Rioavistas reacts and Balão has scored a penalty. When the green and white team was on top in the match, FC Azeméis make the 4-1 and increase the advantage. By the end, Rio Ave FC dominated the match and reached 4-2, by Lincon, and 4-3 by Pedro Silva. Note also for the expulsion of Rúben Reis, who miss the next game against SL Benfica.

Until the final whistle, Rio Ave FC risked everything in the 5×4 system but could not get the tie. With this result, Rio Ave FC is in 11th place with 13 points.