FC Arouca 1 Rio Ave FC 0

An entry less achieved from Rio Ave Futebol Clube, in the first 20 minutes, does not  justify the 1-0 result ate the end of the first 45 minute. Much more because the goal was achieved by a deconcentration of Rio Ave FC and because soon after we had two occasions of goal, with Arouca goalkeeper  denying,on the goal line, the draw.

In the second half we looked the equaliser, even against “some decisons”  such as the red card to Del Valle. Without any criterion, the referee of the match, by indication of the auxiliary, decided to show the red card to our player. After seen the images, the contact isn’t made so onerous, that put the opponent’s physical integrity at risk (assumption for the sampling of the straight red card), even more so when, minutes before, Ukra, in the last third of the Arouca field, on a dangerous attack, suffers an fault from behind and the opponent was penalized with yellow card.

Rio Ave Futebol Clube, “pushed” FC Arouca to his midfield creating the only clear goal occasions. Hassan was very close to getting the goal.

None of the attempts were achieved, and the end of playing time we don’t get points.

Highlight is the Tarantini situation. The midfielder suffered a neck pain in the last training session, was called for the game in hopes of regaining power. This has not happened and the player saw the game  on the stand.

The squad returns to work next Tuesday.