“Ukra is a top player.”

The statement was left by Pedro Martins on Preview Press Conference to the game with the Arouca.

Ukra is King of assists in the Portuguese League, has been featured journey after journey, score goals, is one of the captains of the team … the work of our player make him recognize to be his best perform of his career. Pedro Martins has no doubts in stating that the player is of superior quality and that this benefits Rio Ave Futebol Clube, and the same can be said of other elements of the group.

It is with these values that Rio Ave Futebol Clube wants to go to FC Arouca win and continue to fight for the objectives proposed. The importance of Ukra and the companions is reflected in the quality of football presented this season. With more or less successful moments, normal on competitive stages, Rio Ave Futebol Clube maintains the conviction that it will be able to achieve the projects undertaken and it will get a good result in FC Arouca.